Bug Club News

(Last Updated 5/28/20) 

Hello Bug Club Members, 

June 2nd Club Meeting: We are going to attempt to have an outdoor meeting this month!

Stachey’s pizza is still take-out only so we can’t meet inside and the parking lot is fairly busy, so we are going to meet at Mac’s Apples in Londonderry (230 Mammoth Rd Londonderry NH) for ice cream and a socially distanced meeting? Mac’s has a good-sized quite dirt parking lot and an ice cream window that is open now. We can meet up all the way to the right of the building. I don't know if there are rest rooms available so please plan ahead.

Also make sure you keep a 6 foot distance from each other. All people have different levels of comfort with the whole virus situation so let please respect the social distancing rules that are in place. See you at 6:30pm

Volks-Fair: I have been watching what other shows and events across the country have been doing. As of today, most shows scheduled through May are advertising that they have been canceled or postponed. My thought is that we still have time before we have to really think about doing anything similar. I’m working on small things right now that need to be done, but I’m holding off on spending money on advertising, class signs, banners, and fliers until we get a little closer. I talked to Gerry about the trophies and we decided to wait as long as possible before ordering them. We figured that if by chance we don’t have trophies in time, we would run the show as planned and mail out trophies once they arrive. I think that considering everything people will be understanding. We are looking for sponsors with the thought that if we cancel the show completely for 2020 all sponsors will receive a full refund. A positive note is that if things clear up and our show happens on schedule it will likely be the first show of the year, so turn out should be great.

2020 events: We will get out and do things this season, it’s just uncertain when the group season will start. I added a few cruises to the website with “TBD” dates. I’m working on a run up the coast with possible stops at a couple of car museums up in Maine and I’m really excited about the idea Ron C. had for the covered bridge tour. I’d like to plan as many things as possible so that once we are on the road, we have good options. If anyone has any ideas for drives, the show, or anything else your thinking of please don’t be afraid to speak up, everyone’s thoughts matter and its all of the members that make the club what it is.

Please reach out if you need help in any way VW or not,



A side note, if you’re on Facebook you may have noticed I started posting an old VW or Dune Buggy ad each day to give people something to look at and hopefully give them a temporary distraction. If you’re not on Facebook there is a window at the bottom of our site that allows you to scroll trough the posts without being a Facebook user.

Membership is open to anyone who simply appreciates VW's and only requires a $15.00 yearly membership fee to help support the club. Good times, new friends and laughs are included for free.

If you have any question please reach out [email protected]