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I'm looking to get some bodywork done. If any member does bodywork on the side and would like to give me a quote on doing some on my 68 bug I could bring it by. Thanks and happy new year!

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Shane, Good luck to you on that one.... They all think they are worth $100.00 an hour and if your lucky they will start the project, then all of a sudden, everything starts to fall apart with their lives and they open up the big book of excuses.  Where are you located? I know an honest ,fair priced, and quick guy located in York, ME if you are interested 


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I'm in Londonderry NH
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Pete loves body shops. That's his favorite part of any project.....

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I have bodyman that started my double cab 2 years ago and was to be finished six months after he startd. As pete said, they have a world of excuses. I told him I wanted it completed before I died, not after. You take your chances with these body guys unless somebody recommends a person they know is good.    Good luck

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Tom Batton
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I mentioned to him that we did our own bodywork, but the Manchester School of Technology (Manchester Vo Tech) did the painting because it was too cold out when we wanted to paint it ourselves.  They also do all the bodywork you want. (they were doing a '74 VW Bus when we were there) They have lots of projects going there so there's no guarantee as to timing and you need to talk to the instructor first to see if he wants to do it.  But there's more sheetmetal work on a bug than most of today's modern stuff so ther's more chance for learning for the students.  They took longer than a bodyshop might, but they got it done well before Spring. It took them about 6 weeks to do this thing - a complete car - with no sanding, etc. actually needed, but they went over it again anyway.  Would take them a lot less time for a smaller job.  I had to reinstall the windshield myself, and a number of the fender and bumper mount bolts were wrong or missing, but the paint looks great and the price was right.  Hey, it won the first car show it went to, so they must have done something right.

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