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We had a good turn out at last nights business meeting.

Club officer elections were held:

President - Gerry Anderson

Vice-President - John Fryer

Treasurer- Jason Rennick

Secretary- Linda Farrington

Cruise Director- Jim Schunemann

Topics of conversation:

  • The Bug Rescue Program
  1. Please see the forum post for more information
  • Cruise and event planning
  1. All discussed events with confirmed dates have be added to the calendar
  2. All discussed events with open dates that need more planning have be added to the "Cruise Idea" section of the forum.

New ideas that were voted in favor of

  • Merchandise
  1. Yearly member windshield sticker. Each member will receive 1 sticker free when dues are paid. (additional stickers can be purchased by paid members). Each year we will change the color and date. See sample below                                         
  2. Online T-shirt sales. I will handle all inventory, shipping and organization of merchandise. We will take a poll to find out what sizes and colors are most popular.
  3. New T-shirt design (not to replace existing style shirt, but in addition to). We will start with the Beetle design and if it works out we will do additional styles (Bus, Thing, Ghia) See example below.
  • Volks Fair Show
  1. We will add an Email line to the existing registration forms
  2. We will look into sending a post card reminder to all who attended last years show.
  3. We are going to use a new sign up sheet to organize volunteers on the day of the show.
  4. New show flyer for this year (has been add it to the show page)


Thanks Jason

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Vic Farrington
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Extra stickers should only be sold to verified member veihicals so we don't have people buying them for friends.

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